5 improvements I've made and you should change too!

1. Go outdoors and ground yourself! This will be significant to me because I begin to feel very disconnected and isolated while i go from building to building everyday. Research suggests that electrons from the Earth have antioxidant effects that could protect your body from inflammation. Go without your shoes and have the healing power of nature.

2. Cleansing and exfoliating your skin layer every night is a good habit you need to incorporate into your evening routine. Not only do you feel fresh however your body will love you correctly. I always wake up having a glow if I exfoliate and moisturizes before going to bed.

3. Don’t become a T.V. zombie !! I avoid the T.V. when I first come home from work since I know I will not move all night. When I watch an excessive amount of T.V. I became very unmotivated and lazy. Know your limits! An advanced person who gets sucked in with the T.V. then put it aside for the end of the night or completely avoid it by listening to music or read a novel instead. Statistics show that an average american spends 9.1 many years of their life watching T.V.!! Which is INSANE …… WHAT Might you BE DOING INSTEAD ?

4. Never eat around the couch or in bed!! This can lead to overeating since your preoccupied instead of paying attention to your food.

5. Lastly, pay attention to your body and allow it tell you when you need to nap. Our bodies are always contacting us. We just have to be aware of the signs! Meditation lets you clear your mind and focus on your body.

“Sleep is the foremost meditation”

Dalai Lama